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Works with Photoshop CS3, CS2, CS, 7,6, 5.5; Elements 1,2, 3, 4.
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Create new possibilities with SilverOxide Filters:
All the filters work within selections. Draw a selection in the middle of a picture, invoke the filter and you can have BW in the middle of color, or reverse the selection and have color in the middle and BW around the outside. Or select a color, invert the selection and have a single color in a BW image.

Note: When the filter is invoked, the image in the preview is the total image, not just the selection.

All the 16 bit filters work with CS and 8 bit or 16 bit layers. This allows you to create a range of color effects by copying a layer, doing a BW conversion on it and then using the opacity to change the color rendering below it. This allows you to render the colors based on the conversion luminosity of the color. This gives it nearly a color wash effect.

The 8 bit filters work on the 8 bit layers, allowing the same creativity in the 8 bit domain.