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Works with Photoshop CS3, CS2, CS, 7,6, 5.5; Elements 1,2, 3, 4.
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SilverOxide's new Color Landscape filter builds on the development of the B&W Landscape Filter with the BANG Setting.

The BANG filter mimics some of the characteristics of a polarizing filter. The Color Landscape uses an algorithm that deepens the colors of a picture dependant on the blue content of the pixels. This produces an increase in contrast, as if the picture were shot with slide film.

The filter is easy to use. It has Setting 1 - 3 and the BANG setting. Each setting manipulates the color biases in different ways. The Color Landscape filter has no analog counterpart, and therefore the Settings can not be indexed back to a filter used to bias the color in the film world.

Original picture from the camera. Looks nice, evenly exposed
With the Bang setting, increased contrast with the sky deepened and the blue in the water enhanced. More snap. The green forest is much darker now.
New York from the ferry to Liberty Island. I didn't have my polarizer, but the image is pretty good. With the Color Landscape and Bang setting, the buildings pop and the clouds are more apparent. Very similar to what a polarizer would do.
Above: The filter interface is direct. It works with 16 bit and 8 bit images and layers. The Settings allow you to change the relationships of colors within the picture, and the histogram is useful in finding the optimal setting of the sliders.


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To the Acute Photoshop Users: You can use the curves menu or many other ways to arrive at similar effects. My filter does it easily, consistantly and quickly.