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SilverOxide Enhanced Filters

The Enhanced version of the filter includes three color filters that B&W photographers have used for years.  Now these filters are at your disposal in electronic form. 

When you click on the checkbox, the filter is electronically placed between the color image and the modeling filter.  You see the effect of having used that color filter with that film. 

Red is used to darken a blue sky, making the clouds  and moon dramatic as they float in a black sky. Experiment with portraits, still life, product photography. [{Note: most new digital cameras have a noisy red channel}]

Yellow is used to perk up portraits as well as reduce haze.

Green improves outdoor portraits taken in open shade, changing background contrast, tonal values and even blemishes.The best thing is that you can try any filter without changing the original image. 

You can do over as many different ways as you want.  Suppose that you went to the top of the Logan's Pass in Glacier National Park.  And there you took a picture in color. 

Now you can see what the mountain. glaciers and lakes would have looked like in Tri-x with a red filter; or a yellow or a green filter. Optimize the brightness and contrast,  just as you would when you printed in a wet darkroom, by changing the film development time or the printing time.  But in the past you could only develop the film once.  You blow that and you have lost the art.  But  with these filters you can slide the gamma and brightness sliders and change everything as many times as you want.

Click on the checkbox next to the filter and in the preview box see the effect of that filter on that image with that film. Adjustment of the brightness and gamma sliders will be necessary when the filter is engaged.

The +/- buttons allow you to enlarge a portion of the image in the preview window; click and hold the left mouse button to move the image within the window. Choose the filter that best suits your subject.


The tonality of the photograph changes dramatically, as shown here.  The sky, the petals, grass, Johnny's coat colors, the contrast of the shadows,  all change with respect to each other.  You can get exactly the combination that will best bring out your subject.
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