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Works with Photoshop CS3, CS2, CS, 7,6, 5.5; Elements 1,2, 3, 4.
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The 16 Bit versions with Histogram add a histogram function that allows you to see better when you might be clipping *.

They have the enlarged preview window, also work in 8 bit work flows, take advantage of floating point operations within Photoshop, yielding smoother histograms, and allow for smoother graytone transitions.

The filters will work on 16 Bit images in Photoshop CS3, CS 2, CS, 7, 6.0, and 5.5 (Win and MAC) and in compatible programs with 8 bit images. Available for Windows and MAC OSX.

They also operate on 16 bit layers, new with CS2 and CS, and work within selections to give different results. See the TIPs page to see other things that can be done.

* Note: The histogram is always for the entire image, not just the portion in the preview window. In the image below the model has a lower set of values than the max grayscale. This means that if you drop the maximum down to be 255, it doesn't mean the model's image will be optimum. Common sense is important in using the histogram.

Below is the Help image for the filters.

8 Bit Enhanced filter window